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Indian, fat, and not ashamed of my body. I blog over here 

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i might dye my hair with henna tomorrow and it will probably be a huge mistake. 


Frida Kahlo

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i have a footmask, hairmask and facemask on right now and i am officially living the dream. 

Anonymous asked: God, so much rosiness. Cuteness overload. Throw out your foundation, bby. This is so much better.

the charm of mild rosacea. 

books-rain-and-lushful-days asked: Hi I just wanted to say I think you're really pretty and I hope you had/have a lovely day honey <3

Thank you so much. 

no makeup bedheaded baby 

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So @colettebette made me this dream shirt that describes me perfectly & I wish it was nice out so I could run around in it & my high waisted shorts! #summerlooks #marthadumptruck #bigfun #teenagesuicidedontdoit

This is so great!

this is probably my favourite thing ever.