Campfire cuties!




A man begging his wife’s forgiveness inside Divorce Court, 1948, Chicago.

Bad bitches vintage edition

I reblogged this picture yesterday but I love it. Stone cold.

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fav vegeterian/vegan food blogs? recipes?? im tryin to get over my fear of the kitchen has some really really great vegetarian recipes and has lovely vegan recipes. 

I make this recipe all of the time: 

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Nina Simone as captured by Alfred Wertheimer, December 1964.

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Homemade sangria!

Anonymous asked: Scrolling through your blog, I always get the same pleasant feeling I get in the autumn. Slightly chilly, slightly warm, nervous and happy. You look like you smell like sweet fallen leaves.

this is actually the sweetest anon ask i’ve ever gotten. 

pina colada princess 


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